Google Doodle Animates Valentine’s Day With Simple Love Story

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It took only a little over a minute, but the boy on Google’s Valentine’s Day doodle was able to melt a girl’s “Cold, Cold Heart” during an animated Google Doodle.

With Tony Bennett’s voice (covering the Hank Williams song) providing the only sound to the animation, a boy tries countless ways to gain the attention of a rope-jumping girl, until, near the end of the animation, he finally gets it right.

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Michael Lipman, a first-time doodler who co-created the animation, told the Washington Post that the characters stand for the universality of love, allowing the animation to work around the world.

Of course, to Googleize the animation, the boy takes a couple of turns on Google to search for the perfect gift for the girl until he finally skips over to the winner. If only Google were really that good — especially on Valentine’s Day.

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