Oh Great, Now ‘Linning’ Is Becoming a Meme

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As far as memes go, “Linning” is a bit tougher to pull off than “Tebowing.” As fans, for some unexplained reason, clamor to copy our instant idols (Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, etc.), we search for defining gestu to replicate.

For Tebow fans (and those mocking him, too), the obvious kneeling-in-prayer pose took over the Internet, with people posting photos of themselves with their head down and their knee bent. Whether they were praying or mocking was left to the imagination.

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In the effort to capture a piece of the “Linsanity” created by five breakout games from New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, who breaks the mold with his Harvard degree and Asian-American background, fans have clasped onto his elaborate handshake, which includes him putting both hands up around his eyes like spectacles.


There’s a whole website, Linning.com, dedicated to replicating Lin’s moves. With the football season over, maybe we just needed something else from the sports world to latch onto and discuss incessantly.

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But this meme isn’t for the lonely. Since Lin does this handshake with teammates, the “nerdy glasses” look must get pulled off with another, requiring two to meme.

Tebow, known as much for his outspoken devotion to Jesus, has reportedly inspired Lin to share his Christian faith. Now they can share their Internet memes along with their Bible verses.