Is This the Funniest YouTube Video Ever?

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As if Google didn’t have enough to work on — that business of being the world’s most recognizable search engine would be plenty to keep them busy — it turns out the company also has a comedy algorithm. And they’ve just used it to let us in on one of the great, unanswered questions of our age: what’s the funniest video on YouTube?

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Before we reveal the answer (though we can’t stop you from clicking on the winner but, hey, why not go with it?), here’s a brief backgrounder: A team of researchers put together some software that searches for sounds associated with laughter, in addition to emoticons and Internet acronyms so that they can legitimately grade the humor on offer. We don’t know about you but we sure are LOL (to say nothing of LMAO) when reading that previous sentence. Thanks Google, for taking all the fun out of laughter.

The top-rated videos were submitted to a public vote and the result was…well, slightly underwhelming.

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It turns out that the funniest video out there is of a guy trying to remove a tomato while a spinning fan is on full speed. Spoiler alert! It does not end well for our intrepid tomato taker. You will hear (bleeped out) cursing and you will see a man in evident pain, but we would never say for sure that it’ll make you laugh, snicker or even giggle. Two thousand years of civilization and this is what it’s come to.