Company Brews Beer Designed Especially for Beer Pong

And a cheer was heard from fraternity houses across America.

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Pong Beer Company /

Drop that Keystone. Put down that rack of Natty Ice. Pong Beer is the first beer brewed with the finest natural ingredients for an “exceptionally crisp, smooth, and refreshing light beer” made specifically to throw an unsanitary ping-pong ball in.

According to the company’s website, the beverage is currently available in 10 states, and is coming soon to Texas and Florida. The folks at Pong Beer did the math, and the numbers are pretty convincing. Sales of beer pong paraphernalia generate $20 million annually and 50% of college students say they play the game.

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As a reminder this beer is not just for drinking, a 30 can “Rack Pack” comes with two free balls. For those who can’t be bothered to walk down the dry goods aisle, “The Reload” comes with everything you need for a rousing evening of Beirut: 16 oz. cups and four balls in one easy to grab package. (Some naming purists, by the way, say “Beer Pong” is played with ping-pong paddles, while “Beirut” is played without them.) NewsFeed reminds you to please Pong responsibly.