New York Fashion Week, by the Numbers

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Carlo Allegri / Reuters

A model looks at her mobile phone during preparations before the Emerson Fall/Winter 2012 collection show at New York Fashion Week Feb. 14, 2012.

Twice a year, designers present their latest collections at New York Fashion Week. But what happens behind the scenes at the biannual behemoth? We break it down by the figures.

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90: runway shows and presentation at Lincoln Center

270+: runway shows and presentations in total, at Lincoln Center and offsite venues

40+: shows that are streaming online

14: collections making their Lincoln Center debut

4: seasons at Lincoln Center since leaving Bryant Park after spring 2010

1943: year that Fashion Week was launched

3: weeks it takes to build out the venue, with crews working around the clock

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100,000+: attendees

4000+: registered journalists, photographers, and members of the press

34: countries represented by international press

50+: average number of security guards on-site each day

45,000: Fiber One bars being distributed at Lincoln Center

670: bottles of nail polish that butter LONDON will have backstage

790: tubes of Maybelline mascara that makeup artists will have backstage

15,000: cans of Diet Pepsi that will be consumed at Lincoln Center

$733 million: annual economic impact of Fashion Week on New York City

1’ x 1’: typical space a photographer has when they’re in the pit during a show

70,000: single images a photographer can shoot during Fashion Week

14: average number of hours in a day a fashion p.r. associate works during Fashion Week

10-20: minutes that a typical runway show lasts

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