Puzzling Pins: Blogs Chronicle Pinterest’s Oddest Posts

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Arguably the fastest-growing website in recent memory, Pinterest has lifted itself out of Internet obscurity and into the throes of the social-media jungle in what seems like mere minutes. Indeed, TechCrunch reports that the virtual “pinboard” site recently hit 11.7 million unique U.S. visitors per month, passing the 10 million benchmark faster than any other standalone site.

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So with this many viewers, it was inevitable that blogs would begin to chronicle some of the site’s most strange, ridiculous or otherwise humorous posts, known as “pins.” One blog, for example, is a Tumblr site called “Pinterest, You Are Drunk” with the bio, “Y’all are going a bit overboard over there. I’m here to help.” The best part is the hilariously snide commentary that accompanies each entry:

A site simply titled “Pinterest Fail” exists too, but has only been updated twice.  Another more active Pinterest watchdog calls itself WTF Pinterest? It takes a similar approach, but this one features a “Pin it” button beneath each entry, allowing viewers to post the image being mocked right back to its original home.

Both blogs link to corresponding accounts on Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Pinterest.  Now, these sites will never get even a fraction of the clicks Pinterest itself gets, but NewsFeed is sensing what could be the next great Internet trend. Especially since it appears Bradying never really took off.

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