Reading While Eating for February 17: The Dark Side

Friday's links delve deep into social-media psychology and the evil behind sitcoms.

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Shamil Zhumatov / Reuters

Horses graze in a wintry steppe near the Chinese border in southeastern Kazakhstan February 16, 2012.

Popular Pins: Why is new social site Pinterest so addicting? It’s all about psychology, and sharing your ideal self with others. (Fast Company)

She Wore What? Fashion Week is nothing if not an excuse to look at ridiculously ugly “high-fashion” outfits. (Go Fug Yourself)

Miraculous Rescue: A woman was saved after 31 hours under collapsed-factory rubble in Pakistan. (Divanee)

Modern Morality: A Nashville preacher spoke out against the evils of…Modern Family? (The Daily What)

If You Must Know: What makes a grand jury so “grand,” anyway? (Mental Floss)

Culinary Creation: Ladies and gentlemen, the edible balloon. (GOOD)