Hilarious Australian Tech School Advertisement Goes Viral

Teleportation, blood and beer: This isn't your typical college commercial.

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The classic college advertisement follows the same script: A pan of the pastoral campus, showing off green foliage, attractive students studying gleefully, and a library overflowing with books, and those are just a few of the usual clichés. But the Central Institute of Technology did prospective Australia students a favor by coloring outside the lines.

After all, it’s not every day you see magic, vomit, blood, beer and broken limbs in a college advertisement. Dark? Yes. Memorable? Absolutely.

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The Institute commissioned two former students, Perth comedians Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann, to produce a promotional video for the school. The pair went above and beyond the typical commercial, calling on irony and dark humor to actually entertain. As Gizmodo asserts, this very well could be the “Best. Technical College. Ad. Ever.”

Launching their YouTube careers with the “7 Steps To Superstardom” series, filmmakers Inglis and McCann (who go by Henry & Aaron) have been bathing in accolades lately.  Recently surpassing the 1 million YouTube viewer mark, the pair has collected a number of short film and comedy awards as well as praise from critics as “the new kings of Perth comedy.”

You’ll have to watch it a couple of times to really appreciate the duo’s unexpected sense of humor, which goes from standard to morbid “in a snap!” But as Reddit user Craigellachie points out: “The best WTFs are the ones you don’t see coming. Kudos to these guys for taking it the whole nine yards.”

NewsFeed applauds Central Institute of Technology for taking this creative leap and making tech school look cool.

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