Even Ben & Jerry’s Is Jumping on the Greek-Yogurt Craze

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Ben & Jerry's

If you scream for frozen yogurt, Ben & Jerry’s will scream for frozen yogurt. The ice cream manufacturer is hopping on the Greek yogurt trend, in four new flavors.

The four flavors, Strawberry Shortcake, Banana Peanut Butter, Raspberry Fudge Chunk and Blueberry Graham Cracker, will be available in stores this month and ice cream shops by the end of spring. Ben & Jerry’s says the new line “reaps the benefits of containing real Greek yogurt.”

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That said, it seems like the Huffington Post and most tasters barely noticed the tanginess and noted that it “didn’t really taste like Greek yogurt much at all.” Which isn’t that bad if you’re just going for a healthier dessert, since the new flavors seem to contain fewer calories than a normal tub of Americone Dream. Greek frozen yogurt aficionados, however, may be feeling a bit sour.

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