The Murder of Yeardley Love and Trial of George Huguely V: A Timeline

The trial of George Huguely V, a University of Virginia lacrosse player who was found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend, pulled back the cover on the lives of the upper echelons at the prestigious school to reveal a tempest of abuse and jealousy. Huguely now faces 26 years behind bars in the May 3. beating death of Yeardley Love, 22, also a UVA lacrosse player. Prosecutors described the night of her murder as one of bludgeoning torture, describing Huguely as bent on harming Love after finding out she was dating someone else. Defense attorneys said she banged her head against a bedroom wall. But authorities say her injuries were so extreme that her right eye was bashed in and her brain was bruised. A coroner established that she died of blunt force trauma. (MORE:¬†The Murder of Yeardley Love) This came after reports of other abuse; Huguely is said to have put Love in a chokehold and the two reportedly had virulent public arguments. The incident resulted in the Virginia General Assembly passing a law allowing broader terms for people who seek protective orders. Here is a look at the events leading up to the murder and the eventual conviction of Huguely according to reports in Charlotesville’s The Hook and other news outlets: Summer 2007: George Huguely V, the son of a wealthy Washington socialite, begins dating Yeardley Love. Both are part of the University of Virginia men’s and women’s lacrosse culture; the two teams are close and romantic relationships often occur. November¬† 14, 2008: Huguely is convicted of public drunkenness after he is pulled over on a road trip with friends, heading to Lexington, Va. He threatens the female officer and is subdued by a taser. He later pays a $100 fine and serves 50 hours of community service. February 21, 2009: Hearing rumors that a teammate kissed Love, Huguely attacks him in his sleep, bruising his eye. The incident reaches the team coach, but is quashed. No charges are filed against him. Feb. 27, 2010: Mike Burns, a lacrosse … Continue reading The Murder of Yeardley Love and Trial of George Huguely V: A Timeline