Finally, Jeremy Lin Gets The ‘Hey Girl’ Tumblr Treatment

Linsanity spreads to Tumblr's corner of the Internet.

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Remember Ryan Gosling? He’s so yesterday. As anyone who is paying attention to such things knows, now the Internet suffering from Linsanity, the fervor built around breakout New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin. But if anyone thinks Linsanity is just for the gents, Jeremy Lin has just one thing to say to you: Hey Girl.

The greeting comes courtesy of a brand new Tumblr, revealing that Linsanity has spread to every corner of the web. With the introduction of the blog, Lin has joined the likes of Ryan Gosling in the “Hey Girl” ranks. More than any number of jersey sales, his inclusion in the meme clearly shows that Lin has arrived.

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The blog pairs pictures of Lin in action with the Knicks with sayings like “Hey Girl, I wish In-N-Out Burger would come to New York, I’d share a Double Double with you” and “Hey Girl, you give me wings” and, personal favorite, “Hey Girl, You made some good points in Bible study last night. Sometimes I make points too.”  So long as your tolerance for puns is high, it’s every female sports fanatics dreams (unless you’re a Lakers fan, naturally).

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