Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Oprah, Every Other Celebrity for Post-Oscar Special

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Last night’s Oscars may have been a bit of a snoozefest (when Meryl Streep is a surprise winner, you know you’re predictable), but Jimmy Kimmel’s annual post-Oscars special made up for much of that.

Following the success of last year’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! After the Academy Awards, the host invited out his friends to help him put together an epic nine-minute trailer for Movie: The Movie. Either Kimmel is friends with basically every star in Hollywood, or the actors are really looking for ways to make up for depriving America of a performance by the Muppets last night.

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“On a night like tonight—Oscar night—we’re reminded of how many genres of film there are,” Kimmel said on the show. “There’s drama, adventure, comedy, romantic comedy, action—there are dozens of them, but the problem is you usually get only one or two genres per film.”

So, Kimmel decided to put together the “something that packs everything moviegoers love” into one “spectacular motion picture event.” The work speaks for itself,  but expect to see Colin Farrell as a rookie cop, Tom Hanks as a robot lawyer, Charlize Theron as gun-toting judge, Gary Oldman as a centaur, Daniel Day Lewis as Tyler Perry as George Washington, Gabourey Sidibe as Black Hitler, and Cameron Diaz…as Cameron Diaz.

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Kimmel also had Oprah Winfrey on the show as his special guest; she was honored with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian at the third annual Governors Awards. Of course, following his high of producing the best movie ever (Movie: The Movie), Kimmel pitched Oprah a few ideas for her OWN network. Highlights include Oprah REPOs Her Favorite Things (“I get a ca-aaaaaar!”) and Oprah’s Book Club Fight Club. Hey, we’d watch it.