Pinot Grigio Too Girly? Try Sledgehammer, the Wine for Guys Only

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Wine doesn’t necessarily have the manliest connotation. After all, there’s all that high-class tasting and fancy French names involved. But if Sledgehammer, a guys-only wine, has anything to say about it, men everywhere will be oenophiles before we know it.

There are just two rules when it comes to tasting Sledgehammer, explicit in its motto: No sipping, and no swirling. Anything else would make a guy give up all rights to that Y chromosome, naturally. The red wine comes in two varieties, Cabernet or Zinfandel.

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The wine doesn’t come in white, obviously. Unless you’re going for summery alfresco Sex and the City brunches with your girlfriends, white wine doesn’t exactly scream “sports,” “Xbox” or “bacon cheeseburgers.” The ladies, on the other hand, have a clear Sledgehammer alternative: Be, a white wine designed for women. Let the battle of the sexes begin.

And what’s the proper way for a man to uncork a bottle of wine? A proper drill suffices for the occasion, according to a video Adam Carolla. Sledgehammer’s message is clear: As long as you’re chugging it like you would a Guinness, you’re doing it right. None of that fruity stuff, thanks.

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