A Bowler’s Exuberant Win Goes Viral — And for Good Reason

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After Pete Weber won his fifth U.S. Open bowling tournament on Sunday on live television (sporting a live microphone on his lapel) with a strike in the final frame, the 49-year-old seasoned veteran took off on a short, yet powerful, screaming rant while the crowd cheered.

While prancing across the alley and declaring, “That is right, I did it,” among other things, he exuberantly noted he had won his fifth U.S. Open title.

At first glance, the rant makes for a quick laugh and an easy way to ridicule the sport of bowling. But Weber requires more than a cursory look. The win gave the St. Louis native the most U.S. Open titles in bowling history, breaking a record held by Weber’s father, Dick Weber, and another St. Louis bowling icon, Don Carter, who recently passed away.

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Pete Weber certainly has the bowling chops to back up his over-the-top style, ranking third on the all-time PBA Tour titles list and with over $3.4 million in prize money earned in his career. He became the oldest bowler to win the U.S. Open. And as a former Rookie of the Year at age 24, Weber is already in the PBA Hall of Fame. But his antics aren’t new, complete with a six-month PBA suspension on his record over a decade ago for his fiery style to prove the emotion has long been a part of his game.

Sunday’s outburst came on the heels of a tense championship match against top-seeded Mike Fagan, with Weber getting frazzled by a fan he thought was distracting him. Weber needed a strike on his final frame to earn the 215-214 win. And he got it. After Weber calmed down, he said the win was his greatest title ever and that he’ll never say he’s better than his dad or Carter.

But right after the final pins fell, Weber had plenty to say, highlighting his little rant by yelling, “Who do you think you are? I am.” Now we all know who he is.

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