Who’s Who in the Chardon, Ohio School-Shooting Tragedy

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Ron Kuntz / Reuters

An Ohio State highway patrol helicopter leaves the grounds of Chardon High School as students leave the area in Chardon, Ohio February 27, 2012.

Russell King Jr.

The news from Chardon didn’t improve on Tuesday morning. Monday’s shooting claimed its second victim early on Tuesday, as Russell King Jr., 17, was declared brain dead, and later pronounced dead. King studied technologies of alternative energies at Auburn Career Center in Concord Township, where the junior was also enrolled. Russell was a “very social kid, quick with a smile,” says Maggie Lynch, Auburn superintendent.

Demetrious Hewlin

Tuesday continued with tough news for Chardon, Ohio, residents. Demetrious Hewlin was listed in critical condition on Tuesday, a victim of the shooting, but succumbed to his injuries during the day, becoming the third to die at the hands of a classmate. A junior who aspired to be on the football team, Hewlin was known to spend plenty of time in the weight room, working out.

Nick Walczak

Having been shot several times in non-critical areas, Nick Walczak was able to escape the cafeteria and find safety in a classroom. The 17-year-old junior was also headed to the Auburn Center to study alternative energy. Friends say he is very likable, with a great sense of humor.

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Joy Rickers

A senior at Chardon High School, the 18-year-old is active in a local dog-owners group and has been described as a talented artist. Rickers was in stable condition on Monday, having been shot in a non-critical area.

Nate Mueller

Escaping serious injury, Nate Mueller had a bullet graze his ear. “There was no warning or anything,” he said about the shooting. “He just opened fire.”

Frank Hall

The study hall teacher and assistant football coach chased the shooter out of the school, where police arrested the suspect a short time later. Had it not been for Hall, there may have been more bullets in Chardon on Monday morning.

Hall and his wife, Ashley, have adopted four boys and Hall helps run the local Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at the school.

“Coach Hall, he always talks about how much he cares about us students, his team and everyone,” student Neil Thomas told CNN. “And I think today he really went out and he proved how much he cared about us. He would take a bullet for us.”

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