Farewell, Davy Jones: Four Songs to Remember the Monkees Front Man

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Redferns / Getty Images

He was the cute one. The little one. The one who got starry-eyed in the sight of a pretty girl and led his fellow Monkees on romp after romp. Davy Jones, in many ways the most memorable Monkee, passed away Feb. 29 at 66. If you’re reading this, you undoubtedly know “Daydream Believer” by heart — you might even do his Axl Rose wobble dance while humming it — so here are a few other standout moments from a truly engaging singer and actor who never tired of entertaining his fans.

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“Star Collector”: This song about the perils of stardom was one of the very first rock songs to incorporate the Moog synth. The quasi-psychedelic clip from The Monkees may be a bit dated, but the vocal is one of Davy’s most spirited.


“Daddy’s Song”: From the Monkees’ 1968 film Head came this Davy song and dance penned by Harry Nilsson. A year earlier, the lads had recorded Nilsson’s “Cuddly Toy”, giving the famed songwriter some of his earliest exposure.


“You and I”: After the TV show ended, the band released a few more albums, to diminishing returns; among the underappreciated efforts was this Davy rocker — with a searing solo from none other than Neil Young — that proved all too prescient with Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy just over the horizon: “In a year or maybe two, we’ll be gone and someone new will take our place/ There’ll be another song, another voice, another pretty face.”


“Girl”: And how could we omit Davy’s star turn on The Brady Bunch? Thank you, Davy, for making the morning brighter.


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