Reading While Eating for February 29: Take the Plunge

Wednesday's links talk Leap Day, bungee cycling and leaping into married life.

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Russell Cheyne / Reuters

Cyclist Adam Flint, attached to a bungee rope, pedals off the Garry Bridge near Pitlochry, in Scotland, on February 28, 2012.

Leap Year, Explained: So, why, exactly do we have February 29 once every four years? Here’s a quick and dirty scientific look at the leap year. (The Daily What)

Might as Well Jump: But forget all that scientific mumbo jumbo. Let’s look at pictures of people leaping! (LIFE)

Yup, Seriously: This guy is proposing to his girlfriend using Internet memes, asking “I can haz ur hand in marriage?” Okay, Internet, we’re done here. (BuzzFeed)

Twisted Poses: Who knew yoga was so scandalous? It’s had a sordid history for at least a century. (Mental Floss)

Almost Classics: Check out 10 of the greatest movies that were never made. (Flavorwire)

Viral Video: This mashup features Quentin Tarantino’s favorite camera angle — looking up at the actors. (Have You Seen This)