Watch: 850 People Break Human Mattress Domino Record

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In New Orleans this week, 850 people holding mattresses fell down like synchronized dominoes. The video makes us slightly dizzy, but completely awestruck.

An emcee cheered them on, urging them to beat the Guinness record currently held in Belgium, where 550 similarly-minded human mattress dominoes fell down. And, prior to that, 526 people in Spain did the same thing. And — honestly, this stunt goes back awhile — even Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa got into the game, falling down along with 378 others in New York in 2010.

In the latest attempt, the New Orleans human mattress dominoes collapsed one by one, managing to avoid having to doing multiple takes by failing to knock down the subsequent domino down (a possibly difficult feat, it seems, since they had to round multiple corners).

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After the last, red-carpeted domino fell, everyone was given proper Guinness Book of World Records due, and confetti dropped from the ceiling. And now they’ll all be a footnote in Trivial Pursuit and YouTube forever.

There’s one caveat. As the studious oddity experts at Guinness’s website have noted, “the record for the largest human domino line without mattresses stands at an incredible 10,267 participants” who broke the record in China in 2010.