Watch: Tornadoes Devastate Marysville and Henryville in Southern Indiana

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A line of tornados that swept through the Midwestern and southern U.S. Friday is responsible for at least 37 deaths across four states. Ohio, Alabama, Kentucky and Indiana were pummeled as raging thunderstorms stirred up tornadoes that wiped out entire towns. Among the most devastated areas was southern Indiana, where a strong twister led to extreme damage. “Marysville is completely gone,” said Clark County Sheriff’s Department Maj. Chuck Adams upon surveying the damage Friday afternoon. And videos from residents and news stations alike show just how widespread the destruction was.

This video, taken from a car driving on Indiana Route 60 near Borden, Ind., shows the funnel cloud spiraling through south-central Indiana toward Henryville and Marysville on March 2, 2012. Marysville, with a population of about 1,900, was entirely leveled.


Marysville, Indiana lays devastated just a few hours after the storm, with much of the town reduced to rubble. The scene is solemn and still as residents pick through what’s left of their belongings.


The skeleton of Henryville High School stands amid the tornado’s destruction. Most of the school’s windows were blown out and the roof was sheared off. Strong winds tossed a school bus across the street and through the entrance of a family-owned restaurant. The tornado outbreak is reported to have killed 14 people throughout the southern region of Indiana.


Aerial footage shows just how widespread the damage was throughout Henryville, a town of about 2,000 people. Debris lay scattered throughout the town as the tornado continued its trail of devastation. The Indiana National Guard was dispatched to the area to assist with rescue and cleanup.