Girl Scouts Punch Thief, Jump on Car in Cookie-Cash Robbery

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If there was a Girl Scout badge for being gutsy, two Texas Scouts would be first in line after they punched a thief for running off with their hard-earned cookie cash. And there’s a getaway car involved!

What’s a girl to do when thieves snatch nearly $200 of your Girl Scout money? At a Houston Wal-Mart in Texas this past Saturday, a car pulled up next to a fabulous array of Thin Mints and Caramel DeLites, probably not ready for the tour de force that was about to ensue. The passenger got out of the car, nabbed the cash box and hopped back in, intent on making a quick run for it. Fifteen-year-olds Rachel Johnson and Iravia Cotton did not let the perpetrators go without a fight.

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Cotton punched the passenger, while Johnson “jumped on the getaway car.” (We hope any future Girl Scouts, children or adults do not try this at home.) Unfortunately, Johnson was dragged as the thieves left, and was later treated for minor bruises and scrapes.

According to Girl Scout policy, the girls are responsible for the money stolen, but several media figures such as Soledad O’Brien have already vowed to pitch in by buying more cookies. Either way, the message is clear: Don’t mess with Texas, and definitely do not mess with these Scouts.

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