This Philadelphia Job Ad Is Not for the 99 Percent

Occupy Wall Streeters need not apply to this Craigslist job listing.

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Mike Segar / Reuters

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators move through the streets of lower Manhattan near the New York Stock Exchange during a "day of action" in New York, November 17, 2011

Above the Law reports that a small Philadelphia-based law firm is advertising for a contract litigation associate on Craigslist. But they just don’t want anyone:

Preference given to Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, capitalists, believers in the Constitution, champions of free enterprise, and advocates of limited government. Supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement, those that protested the War in Iraq, or anyone that thinks America should be more like Europe will not be considered.

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Now, it’s been a while since NewsFeed has trolled through Craigslist hunting for something that pays the bills, but you’ll often find anything from “professional wingman” to “someone that does not want to deal with the billable-hour quota.” And there’s no telling if any post (including this one) is legitimate — it’s a total shot in the dark.

The point is that anyone who applies for the job is pretty much in the 99 percent that the firm so vehemently doesn’t want. But it’s pretty much a moot point — this is also a work-from-home job. The message and backlash against the occupiers is clear, and so is it for the guy who wins the oh-so-coveted spot: better not quit your night job.

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