Taste-Testing Taco Bell’s New Doritos Locos Taco

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Samantha Grossman

No, this is not a ruse. It’s reality. Taco Bell now sells tacos that come in shells made from Nacho Cheese Doritos.

The fast-food chain rolled out the new product on Wednesday to all 5,600 of its restaurants nationwide. The company said it marks the biggest product launch in its 50-year history. The Associated Press reports that it plans to spend $75 million to advertise the Doritos tacos — three times the typical advertising budget for new menu items. Plans to launch a Cool Ranch Doritos taco this fall are also in the works.

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So what does a Doritos taco taste like? Apparently it tastes good enough to completely sell out at the first location NewsFeed visited for a taste test. A few subway rides and a healthy dose of determination later, we tracked it down in all its orange-dusted glory.

The verdict: a Doritos Locos taco tastes exactly how you’d expect. It’s like a regular taco, except it is wrapped in what tastes exactly like a Dorito. Here’s the thing, though: sometimes you want a taco, and sometimes you want Doritos, but do you ever really want them wrapped together in one lunch? There’s cheese inside the taco and then there’s more cheese outside (read: that orange dusty stuff that gets all over your fingers). The result is a bit overwhelming, and, now that we’ve had some time to digest, it’s probably a one-time deal, at least for us.

But considering the funds Taco Bell is pumping into this product, the company seems to think consumers will come back for more. Call it ridiculous, call it a health violation, but when NewsFeed asked one diner what he thought, he didn’t hesitate: “It’s perfect.”

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