One Sweet Ad: London Billboard Gives Commuters Cake

Outdoor advertising just got a whole lot more delicious.

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Actress Joanna Page switches on the first cake dispensing billboard on London's Tottenham Court Road

To promote its new cake-to-go products, British sweets brand Mr. Kipling launched a campaign that dispenses cake to Britian’s commuters at the touch of a button, Advertising Age reports. The automated fixtures, built into bus shelters, will distribute 500 free cakes a day.

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In addition to the individually wrapped snacks, passers-by will also enjoy the sweet aroma of freshly basked cake thanks to a spray device. (We assume it will be similar to another London billboard that let commuters smell baked potatoes.) The first of the cake-doling units, located on central London’s busy Tottenham Court Road, was unveiled Wednesday, and an additional 18 will debut in England and Scotland on Monday, March 19. A “cakemobile” is also in the works and will tour the U.K. from March 27 to May 9.

The press release describes the campaign as a “media first,” although there is no word on how the company will prevent cake hoarding.

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