Reading While Eating for March 16: Big Spenders

Friday's links talk high-earning women, tourist destinations and celebrity style slip-ups.

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Andrew Winning / Reuters

The pods on the London Eye tourist attraction cast shadows against a thick morning fog as the spring sun begins to burn it off in central London, on March 15, 2012.

Fug Madness: Forget basketball. The best bracket out there pits celebrity fashion don’ts against one another. (Go Fug Yourself)

Money Talks: Men are more attracted to high-earning women. Aside from the obvious perks, here’s why. (TIME Ideas)

Safety First: After soldiers returned from war, posters went from “I Want You” to “protect yourself from STDs.” (Mental Floss)

Pin Problems: Media organizations are trying out new ways to use Pinterest. Let’s just say this pinboard wasn’t the best idea. (BuzzFeed)

Odd Target: President Obama made a pretty harsh jab at…Rutherford B. Hayes? (The Daily What)

Flight Risks: How one paradise beach town is overdosing on its own tourists. (Divanee)