This St. Patrick’s Day, Learn to Pour the Perfect Pint of Guinness

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For those of you playing bartender at St. Patty’s Day parties this weekend, impress your friends with a nice creamy Guinness topped with a veritable crown of foam. But I don’t have a tap, you’re probably whining, so I’ll have to serve Guinness from a stupid old can and it won’t be the same. 

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You can quit your whining, because CHOW’s Lisa Lavery presents a can-pouring method that’s simple and completely free of complicated mathematical formulas and unmeetable aesthetic expectations. She even refers to the beverage using fun metaphors like “avalanche of bubbles” and alliteration like “gorgeous Guinness.” Beer and literary devices? Now that, friends, is how you celebrate.

Give it a few practice rounds, and by the time the party rolls around, your guests won’t know what hit them —  they’ll think they’re in Dublin! And not just because they’ve consumed an unreasonable amount of alcohol and are possibly hallucinating, but also because of your incredibly well-honed Guinness-pouring skills. You’re welcome.

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