Forget Gotham: Batman Comes to the Rescue in Brazil

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Batman is on the loose and fighting crime in Brazil, and the cops are just standing back and letting him. Yes, the scourge of Gotham’s criminal forces has found a new home in Sao Paolo. While the criminals there are shaking in their boots, the children of the city are delighted. You see, Brazil’s Batman, who roams the streets in full bat-costume, is no amateur looking to exact some vigilante justice. The caped crusader is Andre Luiz Pinheiro, a retired cop who has donned his cape and mask to fight crime long after retirement.

Pinheiro is part of a new initiative to help fight crime where it starts. In a city rife with violence and misconduct, the police hope to raise the city’s children as allies from early on, and hopefully deter them from future criminal acts. The idea is to draw a connection between the police and Batman, helping children easily identify good versus evil. Batman fights crime, the cops fight crime, and the children want to help the beloved superhero. It’s a small step in Brazil’s battles against violence, but one that at least the children are thoroughly enjoying.

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