Reading While Eating for March 21: Photo Finish

Wednesday's links highlight unique photography — and creative videos, too.

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A boy plays in the mud on the bank of the Bago river in Bago, Myanmar, on March 20, 2012.

Short Start: The first 30 tweets ever are just as self-indulgent as most tweets today. (BuzzFeed)

Press Play: Check out 10 YouTube channels you should be watching already. (Flavorwire)

Look Up: A woman was so distracted while texting that she walked right off of a pier, straight into Lake Michigan. (The Daily What)

Cut Above: These photographic feats are brought to you by the magic of paper cutouts. (Lightbox)

Ostentatious Origins: How did super-wealthy places like Beverly Hills and Martha’s Vineyard get their names? (Mental Floss)

Travel Saga: Take a journey across the country in 3,000 photos. (Have You Seen This)