Vibrating Tattoo Could Send Text Alerts Straight to Your Skin

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U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Two pages of Nokia's patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trade Office, showing sketches of the technology for vibrating tattoos.

Since we all need a little more connection to our cell phones and other electronic gadgetry, Nokia has developed a plan to send phone alerts right to our bodies.

In an application filed with the U.S. patent office, Nokia has plans for a magnetic vibrating tattoo. The device has “material attachable to skin” and can pick up a signal from a magnetic field and then transmit that signal to a person by vibrating the device, right on their skin.

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By linking the “invention” to a cell phone, those with the “ferromagnetic” device tattooed, sprayed, stamped, taped, drawn or applied as a decal on their bodies can receive all kinds of mobile device alerts via vibration.

The application claims users could link the product to a variety of electronic devices (tablets, game consoles and even a “neck-worn electronic device”) and receives alerts for nearly anything they desire, including alert messages, incoming calls, new information displayed on the electronic device or the launching of an application.

The patent application claims the square application would fit on an arm, abdominal area or even a fingernail. We’re sure you can put it pretty much wherever you want. But NewsFeed is certainly wary of “phantom vibration syndrome” occurring on our skin.

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