Rural Romance: Online Dating, Just for Farmers

Wouldn't be caught dead dating "city folk?" There's a website just for you.

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Finding love can be tough for farmers, who often live miles from neighbors and have limited options for entertainment. But one rural entrepreneur, Jerry Miller, saw a business opportunity in the dearth of dating. Aiming to help kindred souls find each other (and make some money), Miller launched in 2005.

Since then, it has grown to host hundreds of thousands of members, Business Insider reports. Miller says one reason his site has been so successful is because farmers can relate to one another in a way that they can’t with “city folks.” Miller says those who live in rural communities share a certain mentality foreign to urbanites, who tend to be materialistic  and caught up “in the corporate rat race.”

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Whether you agree or not, Miller was definitely onto something. Since, a number of similar networks, such as Muddy Matches in England and FarmDating in Australia, have cropped up to help outdoorsy types pair off.

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