Reading While Eating for March 27: I Want Candy

Tuesday's links start an all-chocolate diet, prepare our Easter baskets and make music out of Jell-O.

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Sukree Sukplang / Reuters

Lightning strikes over buildings during a thunderstorm in central Bangkok, Thailand, on March 26, 2012.

Learn to Read: Some Hunger Games fans are upset that certain characters in the movie are played by black actors — even though the book describes the characters as black. (BuzzFeed)

Bunny’s Backstory: The Easter Bunny might not even be a rabbit! Plus more fun facts from its “unauthorized biography.” (Mental Floss)

Best News Ever: According to one study, people who ate chocolate were thinner than those who didn’t. (Healthland)

Look Ahead: The future, as interpreted by ’90s cartoons, is actually pretty bleak. (Flavorwire)

Extreme Measures: In order to continue collecting unemployment benefits, one Austrian man decided to cut off his own foot. Not the best idea. (The Daily What)

Sweet Sounds: This chemistry set turns Jell-O creations into music. We now know what comes after dubstep. (Gizmodo)