Mega Millions Lottery Reaches Record-Breaking $476 Million Prize

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Tim Boyle / Bloomberg News / Getty Images

On Tuesday night, no one picked the winning Mega Million numbers. That means that on this Friday, someone could pick up a cool $476 million. We suppose things could be worse.

The Mega Millions jackpot has reached a record-breaking sum for the high-profile lottery game, which is played in more than 40 states. Though some people did indeed come close to getting all six numbers, no one clinched Tuesday’s jackpot, sending the already not-so-paltry prize of $363 million upwards toward its highest recorded spot. A top winner has failed to materialize in the several past weeks.

The 47 people who did manage to pick five out of the six numbers on Tuesday night did manage to win something: each of those tickets is valued over $250,000 and there’s already a disputed claim on one of them. Of course, if there isn’t a winner on Friday either, the stakes for the lottery draw will climb even higher. Reaching Mega Billions, though? Unlikely.

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