Reading While Eating for March 28: Animal House

Parrots and puppies abound in Thursday's link roundup.

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Lisa Van Dyke / El Dorado Dog Photography / Reuters

Mind Your Business: Forget “seamless” sharing. We need a private mode for the whole Internet. (BuzzFeed)

Sweet Scenes: See 15 scenes from Oscar-winning films, constructed with Peeps. (Mental Floss)

Canine Climb: Is your dog too fat to climb the stairs? Forget a diet — just install a custom stairlift for Fido. (The Daily What)

Designer Digs: Nothing like a little real-estate porn to make you feel inadequate. Here are the penthouses of the rich and famous! (Flavorwire)

Favorite Newsmakers: Who were the most influential people of the past year. Cast the vote in our poll. (TIME)

Chit Chat: Two parrots have a conversation, and we’re dying to know what they’re discussing. (Viral Viral Videos)