Reading While Eating for April 2: Joke’s on You

Monday's links recap April Fools' Day and check out the science behind laughter.

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Nir Elias / Reuters

A monkey sculpture is pictured on a pick-up truck before it is placed in an exhibition at Hiriya recycling park, built on the site of a former garbage dump near Tel Aviv, Israel. The Coca-Cola Recycled Safari, featuring animals made of recycled Coca-Cola packages, will be open to the public during the Passover holiday.

Laugh Tracker: One man has dedicated his entire life to laughs. But he’s not a comedian — he’s a scientist. (Mental Floss)

Book Bias: Are book covers different for male and female authors? And are they created differently on purpose? (Flavorwire)

Gotcha, Gov: Even Mitt Romney was the victim of an April Fools’ Day prank yesterday. (BuzzFeed)

Bless You: An Australian woman dislocated two vertebrae in her neck with one single, violent sneeze. (The Daily What)

Health Hazard: India’s young and poor have one more thing to worry about: Cancer-related deaths from tobacco use. (Divanee)

Fashion Flops: We have our money on Lindsay Lohan as the victor of the Fug Madness finals. (Go Fug Yourself)

Stop-Motion Savvy: You haven’t made it in the world until your business cards get animated. (Gizmodo)