You Can Now Be Buried in a Bacon Coffin

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J&D's Foods

If your last dying wish would be to eat a plate full of sizzling bacon, there’s a coffin that may be your match made in heaven.

The bacon coffin retails at $2,999.99 plus shipping, but it’s a small price to pay for “those who love bacon to death.”  Seattle-based J&D’s Foods (purveyors of all things bacon, including bacon salt and bacon lip balm) says its mission is “to put the ‘fun’ back in funerals.”

Alas, the coffins are not actually made from bacon, but painted to look like the mouthwatering strips. Inside the coffin are ivory crepe coffin linens, as well as a bacon memorial tube and a bacon air freshener.

As if to validate their foray into coffin design, J&D’s is quick to link to a post about 24 weird coffin designs. Would knowing that you could order a custom Star Trek, iPhone, or Pabst Blue Ribbon-themed casket make you feel better about ordering a bacon resting place?

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