More Drama? Burger King Pulls Mary J. Blige Commercial from YouTube

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A Burger King commercial starring Mary J. Blige — which has been passed around the web faster than you can make a Whopper – was pulled from the Burger King YouTube channel on Wednesday.

The clip, which you can still see on Gawker, features Mary J. obliging those behind Burger King’s new celebrity endorsement marketing strategy by standing on a table and belting out lyrics such as “crispy chicken,” “fresh lettuce” and “ranch dressing” to the tune of her song “Don’t Mind.”

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Well, someone at the fast-food behemoth clearly did mind, because the offending piece of advertising, which has sparked some to call the diva a sell-out, was swiftly pulled, apparently because of a vague “licensing issue” and not due to viral vitriol.

Even if the King has shunned the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, there is still plenty of celeb-happy content on Burger King’s YouTube channel.

Highlights include employees, male and female, swooning at David Beckham’s (rather wooden) request for a strawberry and banana smoothie, Salma Hayek making an order of “garden salad” sound sexy, and Jay Leno driving around a restaurant in a flashy car.

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