Reading While Eating for April 4: Falling Stars

Wednesday's links talk about people in the limelight — for good and bad reasons.

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Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

Italian pentathlon athlete Pier Paolo Petroni shoots during a training session at the shooting range in Montelibretti, outside Rome April 3, 2012. Laser guns will replace traditional air pistols in the modern pentathlon at the 2012 London Olympics

Commence Swooning: In case you needed another reason to worship Ryan Gosling, he saved a woman’s life yesterday. Allegedly. (BuzzFeed)

Thanks, But No Thanks: Planned Parenthood turned down a $500,000 donation from Tucker Max — because of his sleazy reputation. (The Daily What)

Style Stars: From Warhol to Wintour, we rank the 100 top fashion icons. (TIME)

Wacky Occasions: Already nostalgic for April Fools’ Day? Celebrate holidays like New Beer’s Eve and Lima Bean Respect Day this April. (Mental Floss)

Get Your Glasses: Forget the new Titanic re-release. These 3D movie picks are actually worth your time. (Flavorwire)

Star Wars Slang: If Yoda spoke like a normal person, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. (The Mary Sue)