Kony 2012 Sequel Video Announces Invisible Children’s Next Steps

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After you become a viral sensation, what’s your next move? Today, Invisible Children — the makers behind the hugely popular activist project to stop warlord Joseph Kony — have released what they’ve deemed “Part II – Beyond Famous,” which shifts gears of the campaign from mere awareness to activism.

“We are releasing this film to explain the creation of the campaign, the progress that’s already been made, and what we call all do now to support the ongoing efforts to stop the violence of the [Lord’s Resistance Army],” says the narrator, Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesy.

Keesy takes the narrating duties this time in the place of Jason Russell, the creator of the original video who was detained by police weeks ago after a meltdown in San Diego — what his family reportedly described as a stress-induced incident.

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The latest video picks up by promoting a several pronged plan going forward. Keesy urges “strengthening ongoing efforts of the African union and regional governments [as] the best way to apprehend top LRA leadership, and is something that every country in the world can support.”

“Invisible Children is just one of many organizations on the ground, and we were not the first,” he says. “Stopping the LRA violence is possible. But it will take increased support for the comprehensive efforts conceived and led by local leaders.”

The sequel also promotes the Invisible Children’s “Cover the Night” campaign on April 20, which promises to “turn this digital revolution into something more” by urging supporters to join community service projects like cleaning up a local park or providing a free car wash and then putting up “Kony 2012” signs at those places.

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