Reading While Eating for April 5: Great Debates

Thursday's links delve into some contentious arguments, from golf to hip-hop.

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Daniel Munoz / Reuters

Team Australia's Shane Perkins celebrates with his son Aidan after winning the Men's Team Sprint Final at the 2012 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Melbourne, Australia, on April 4, 2012.

Ditch the Jacket: If the Augusta National tournament continues to ban women, the PGA ought to abandon it entirely. (BuzzFeed)

Music’s Meaning: Is Nicki Minaj a hip-hop artist, or a pop artist? It all depends on the changing, blurring line between the two genres. (Flavorwire)

Education or Mourning?: As the Titanic’s 100th anniversary approaches, scholars are divided about artifacts. Should they stay underwater? (NewsFeed)

1600 Penn: Take a tour of the White House, courtesy of Google Street View. (The Daily What)

Just Wondering: Why don’t cars come with ashtrays anymore? (Mental Floss)

Creepy Crawlers: Afraid of bugs? Then refrain from watching this beautiful collection of close-up insects. (Gizmodo)