Really Love The Hunger Games? You Can Buy District 12 for $1.4 Million

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Murray Close / Lionsgate Publicity

Josh Hutcherson, as Peeta Mellark, in The Hunger Games.

After millions of fans watch Katniss Everdeen battle for her life in The Hunger Games, we’re sure the sold-out crowds and enthralled fans emerge from the darkened theater with one thought: Doesn’t District 12 look like a nice place to live?

Well, probably not, but that’s what the owner of the property that stood in for District 12 in the blockbuster film is hoping. He has seized upon Hunger Games mania and listed the property for sale at a price of $1.4 million, which is just a sliver of the $152 million in box-office sales the film made in its opening weekend.

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Wade Shepherd, the owner of the 72-acre Henry River Mill Village, told the Associated Press that the area is getting bombarded by fans driving by and taking photos “day and night.” So he decided to seize the opportunity to sell the land near Hildebran, N.C. where the movie was filmed. After all, until recently, the village wasn’t exactly a tourist destination. According to CNBC, the  was once the company town of the Henry River Manufacturing Co., but after the mill burned down in 1977, the village became deserted. Then The Hunger Games picked the desolate spot as the perfect location to echo the poverty-stricken slums of District 12, and suddenly everyone was very interested in Shepherd’s property. Hopefully so interested that they will be willing to fork over Shepherd’s hefty asking price.

Luckily for Shepherd, there’s a good chance that investors will be interested in purchasing the property. After all, The Hunger Games is just the first film in an extremely popular trilogy. With two more films to go, and fans eager for as much Katniss, Peeta and Gale as they can get, the fictional teens’ hometown will surely be a tourist destination. In fact, the North Carolina tourism site already offers a four-day “Hunger Games” itinerary, which includes Henry River Mill Village. Anyone want to start a Kickstarter campaign to buy a village?

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