Internet, Meet ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’

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And now, one unsuspecting runner gets his 15 seconds of Internet fame. That’s “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy,” a.k.a. New York City resident Zeddie Little. The clickable nickname arrives courtesy of photographer William King, who posted a Flickr picture he took of a guy he saw jogging in a race in South Carolina.

“The reason I picked him out to focus in on was because I could see him weaving through the crowd looking pretty excited whereas many others around him were already exhausted by that point,” King told the International Business Times, also admitting that “I did have to tweak the photo just a little” to get the intended effect.

The reason why the Internet picked him out, however, is the “guy in the stock photo of a picture frame“-like quality he brings to what was presumably a tiring race. Naturally, as IBTimes noted, the photo became the latest viral thing on Reddit’s forums before being picked up everywhere.

While the runner has yet to be interviewed, Little’s father joked to the local Charleston City Paper that his son moved to New York, but became Internet-famous while back home. “It’s pretty unexpected, obviously. You know, from Charleston, you live in New York, and you get discovered in Charleston,” he noted.

Meme-makers learned another lesson, which seems fitting: guy “goes for a run, inadvertently teaches world how to spell ‘ridiculously.'”

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