From Dream House to White House: Barbie Runs for President

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Business Wire

Barbie has been a pilot and a paleontologist — and now she can add presidential candidate to her list of 130 professions.

Mattel announced Barbie’s foray into politics on Thursday, as reported by Forbes. The doll is now available for presale and is expected to hit shelves in August. Barbie is neither Democrat nor Republican, but the first member of the “B party.”

The new political powerhouse dons a pink suit, complete with fitted pencil skirt, blazer and pearls, à la Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Designer Chris Benz, who has also dressed First Lady Michelle Obama, created Barbie’s outfit.

The biggest change in Barbie’s sartorial choices however, is her new footwear. Replacing her unpractical high heels with hot pink wedges, Barbie can now finally stand on her own two feet — literally and figuratively.

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As part of Mattel’s “I Can Be …” line, the company created the doll in collaboration with the White House Project, a nonpartisan organization dedicated in getting women more involved in politics.

“Barbie is the most powerful brand for girls, and to create any social change you need to find them where they are,” Tiffany Dufu, president of the White House Project, told Forbes. “Barbie motivates girls to aspire to be anything — including President.”

Barbie historically has received a lot of flack for being a bad role model for young girls. Despite her many groundbreaking careers, from astronaut to paratrooper, many have criticized these versions of Barbie, arguing that these versions provide girl with no new information, just a new outfit. Perhaps the creation of President Barbie will provide the substance that many are wanting.

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