Financial Woes for Next Media? Our Four Favorite Taiwanese Animations

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According to several reports, the company responsible for the wackiest animated news on the web can be yours for a mere $500 million.

Internet darling Next Media Ltd., the Taiwanese company behind the hilarious animated clips that populate practically every blog online, may soon be up for sale. The company’s owner, Hong Kong media magnate Jimmy Lai, announced his plan to sell the Taipei branch of business after allegedly suffering huge losses when the company expanded operations to television, according to a report on Business Insider.

Initially, Lai planned to sell off just the money-losing TV division, but the The Taipei Times reports he was advised to sell the whole company to attract buyers. That means that Next Media Animation, the company responsible for some of the most memorably bizarre takes on current news stories, is available for purchase. Just think, for $500 million, Next Media could animate your family’s Christmas newsletters.

To remind you of what you could be buying, here are a few of our favorite Next Media animations. But first, a warning: Some clips feature language and content that is not safe for work.

1. Prince William announces engagement to Kate Middleton:


2. Charlie Sheen raises hell at Plaza Hotel [mildly NSFW]:


3. Hey girl: Ryan Gosling saves woman, slays our hearts:


4. The Hunger Games trilogy on parents’ banned list:


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