Reading While Eating for April 9: Social Circles

Monday's links talk connections in politics, business and (of course) on Facebook.

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Ricardo Rojas / Reuters

Catholics attend an Easter vigil mass at the Cathedral Primada de America in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on April 7, 2012.

Corporate Ladder: Be nice to your interns. They may become like these six people, who started as interns and ended up running the place. (Mental Floss)

Business of Politics: Coca-Cola, Kraft and Intiuit all cut ties with one group within a week. What is ALEC, and why does it matter? (Swampland)

Social Evidence: If the police subpoena your Facebook account, here’s the gigantic packet that gets sent out. (BuzzFeed)

Special Guests: The radio-show callers on Frasier were often celebrities. Who knew? (The Daily What)

Noms de Plume: See 10 odd stories behind the pen names of famous authors. (Flavorwire)

Cool Contraption: This is the world’s largest Rube-Goldberg machine. Why haven’t you started watching yet? (Gizmodo)