Hillary Clinton Submits Her Own Image to ‘Texts From Hillary’

She even autographed a copy of her submission for the site's creators, thanking them “for the many LOLZ." Seriously. She wrote "LOLZ."

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Texts From Hillary / textsfromhillary.tumblr.com

It started as a purely imaginative (and hilarious) Tumblr, but the “Texts From Hillary” meme has crossed over into the realm of reality with a submission supposedly from Hillary Clinton herself.

The site’s founders say the Secretary of State sent her own mashed-up image to the Tumblr blog that has taken the political world by storm since its creation last week. The blog has Clinton texting other notables the likes of Arianna Huffington, Ryan Gosling and Mitt Romney. The latest, though, has her texting the site’s founders – and supposedly comes directly from Clinton’s office.

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The submission takes the same photo of Hillary, taken by Diana Walker for TIME back in October 2011, and juxtaposes it against pictures of the site’s founders, Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe, using Internet-speak to create a faux conversation between the three. Hillary takes a markedly lighter tone than her stone-faced look in the photo would assume. She even dubs herself “Hillz” in the image, which reads: “ROFL @ ur tumblr! g2g – scrunchie time,” calling out her recent Elle profile where some staffers noted they wish to ban her beloved ’90s hair accessories. She closes with a terse but friendly “ttyl?…”

The acronym was clever foreshadowing: she would indeed talk to them later. Madame Secretary’s submission contained more than just an image to add to the blog – Smith and Lambe, two DC-based media and communications professionals, were also invited to the State Department to meet with Clinton. Smith and Lambe explain that she autographed a copy of her “Texts From Hillary” submission, thanking them “for the many LOLZ.” And in case you thought the joke was on you, Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines confirmed to Yahoo News that the two founders met with her. “Yes, the submission on their site credited to Secretary Clinton is in fact from her. She wanted to meet the brains behind the site, and they were just in her office about an hour ago.” Smith also tweeted his excitement.

[tweet https://twitter.com/asmith83/status/189775090790047745%5D

And in the requisite photo, they, naturally, pulled out their phones to text. Clinton even donned the now-famous sunglasses she was wearing aboard the C-17 military plane when the original photo was taken.

While we can’t imagine Clinton herself sat down to Photoshop everything together, it warms our Internet-centric hearts that she and her staff decided to respond to the meme. A sense of humor is a truly underrated trait in government.

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