Reading While Eating for April 10: High Fashion

Tuesday's links hit the runway with Russian style and gaudy buildings.

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Yuriko Nakao / Reuters

A woman takes a photograph of illuminated cherry blossoms in full bloom along the Chidorigafuchi moats in Tokyo, Japan, on April 9, 2012.

Bid Now: A New Zealand man is well on his way to auctioning off his entire life. (The Daily What)

Building Bling: Your office building is nothing unless it’s completely decked out with jewels. These flashy buildings spared no expense. (Flavorwire)

Life, Explained: Ten of life’s greatest questions, answered with flowcharts. (Mental Floss)

Over the Top: Russia’s Fashion Week is home to some weird and wonderful fashions. (BuzzFeed)

Art Icon: Supermodel Naomi Campbell remembers famed fashion photographer Herb Ritts. (Lightbox)

Food Rules: What’s inside a school-lunch hamburger? Find out, if you dare. (NPR)