Ingenious Frozen Foam Makes Beer Better

Finally, a beer marketing gimmick that makes sense.

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What’s not to love about beer? It’s one of the most cherished refreshments on the planet, largely because it’s practically perfect. And while beer companies and breweries are endlessly coming up with strategies to improve their brew, many of their efforts miss the mark. (Looking at you, iced tea-flavored Coors.) Some beer companies are the beverage equivalent of pushy stage mothers, always trying to turn beer into something it’s not. Newsflash: it’s fine the way it is, guys!

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Except, of course, when it’s not. Even the best of beers can be afflicted by the hazards of a lukewarm cooler or too much sunshine. That’s why we appreciate a company that puts its creative efforts into delicious problem solving. And thanks to that creative effort, warm beer — also known as the bane of summer — won’t be a problem much longer for the lucky brew drinkers of Japan. The geniuses at the Kirin brewery have developed the perfect solution to lukewarm, unappetizing beer by making their own frozen foam.

The company created the frozen foam by cooling its Ichiban brew to 23 degrees Fahrenheit, while a machine continuously blows air into the mixture. The result is a frothy, creamy topping that is frozen and made from beer (essential, as when it melts you won’t be watering down your drink). Sounds great, we know. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the foam is only currently available in Tokyo though it will move to the rest of the country in May. Looks like you have reason number 327 to add to your “Reasons to Visit Japan” list.