A Glutton’s Delight: Burger King Testing New Bacon Sundae

Amid new wave of changes, the fast-food chain is reportedly giving bacon sundaes a test run in Nashville.

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Twitter / @buzzfeed

Burger King has been the focus of a lot of attention for its $750 million makeover, which included a host of new menu items like salads, smoothies and snack wraps to lure the healthy-minded. But the fast-food chain’s latest addition of a bacon ice cream sundae is anything but nutritional.

Though not available nationwide, the bacon-topped treat was spotted at a Nashville restaurant, according to GrubGrade.com. Other items under a test-run at the Southern location include sweet-potato fries, a pulled-pork sandwich and frozen lemonade.

Burger King is not the first chain to indulge in the bacon craze; last year Denny’s rolled out a bacon maple sundae, while more recently, Jack in the Box added a bacon-flavored milkshake. But Burger King seems to dress up its newest dessert with an actual slice of bacon atop vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and caramel sauce.

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