Julian Assange’s Talk-Show Trailer Promises Unfiltered Views

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The World Tomorrow

Months ago, it seemed odd when Julian Assange said he would host his very own talk show. But the new teaser of his vaguely futurist-sounding The World Tomorrow meshes quite well with the media personality who recently did a Simpsons cameo from the confines of his house arrest in the U.K. If you need your TV news with a WikiLeaks filter, this seems like the place to tune in.

On Friday, the Russian network RT and WikiLeaks both released promotional materials from the multi-episode interview show, which debuts on April 17. It includes a newsy trailer (complete with Assange dressed like a casual morning news host in a white-collared shirt), a shot of Assange’s TIME cover, a promise of a “notorious” guest for its first episode and a soundtrack composed for the show by none other than artist M.I.A.

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“Today we’re on a quest for revolutionary ideas that can change the world tomorrow,” Assange solemnly says, narrating a clip that shows a brief greatest-hits of WikiLeaks impressions, complete with stripped headlines from news outlets. The preview plays like a promotional clip for the continued mission of the organization he founded and, as RT notes, the first episode will “coincide with the 500th day of financial blockade on WikiLeaks.”

As the Guardian pointed out, both WikiLeaks and RT’s releases have mentioned that the content of Assange’s program is unfiltered. “We provided Julian a platform to reach the world and gave him total editorial freedom,” the RT network’s editor-in-chief said. “All editorial decisions have been made by Julian Assange,” WikiLeaks statement read.