Mike and Ike ‘Break Up’ in New Candy Ad Campaign

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Mike and Ike

Mike and Ike, the candy brand, has announced that its titular pair is separating, “hoping the development captures the interest of younger consumers,” the New York Times reports.

We’re not quite sure how generating a fictional breakup in which the characters will inevitably get back together will necessarily attract younger consumers, but sure, why not.

The new campaign features packaging that will have “Ike” or “Mike” scribbled out, as well as on billboard advertisements. The back of the candy packaging with Mike’s name crossed out will feature a handwritten message from Ike calling out Mike for “spending way too much time on his music,” the Times reports. On the packages with Ike crossed out, a message from Mike will criticize Ike for “spending way too much time on his graffiti art.”

Music and graffiti—so edgy! Definitely edgier than those M&Ms characters.

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The candy brand is also utilizing social media, documenting the split on their Facebook page and even creating a Tumblr featuring posts from Mike and Ike. The pair’s Facebook page features video reactions from the likes of NBA player/reality TV star Lamar Odom and breakout YouTube star Greyson Chance, among others.

In a recent post by Ike entitled “The Rumors Are True” on their Tumblr, the graffiti-obsessed character writes:

 “I know it’s hard to believe, but yes—Mike and I split. We just couldn’t agree on stuff anymore. Some call it creative differences? Whatever. The guy is awesome, if you don’t count that he’s color blind. Lime is green dude! Cherry is red, not purple. Get it?”

This isn’t the first time a brand has pulled the breakup stunt.  In 2004 Mattel announced that Barbie and Ken were splitting up after 43 years, stating the two had “grown apart.” Sure, it garnered lots of media coverage, but did it really help sales? The company put the two iconic lovebirds back together in 2011 just in time for Valentine’s Day. Just in time for a special Barbie and Ken Gift Set, and even more publicity.

Will following Mike and Ike’s saga online make you more inclined to pick up a box?

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