Reading While Eating for April 13: Forever Young

Friday's links look back at the days of jump rope, children's books and Myspace.

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Bobby Yip / Reuters

Girls train in a Taekwondo Hall in Pyongyang, North Korea on April 12, 2012. Some students represent North Korea in international taekwondo competitions. The banner reads "Let us defend the Party Central Committee headed by the respected comrade Kim Jong-un, at the cost of our lives!"

Aging Internet: How old are the average users of your favorite sites? Older than you’d think, for the most part. (BuzzFeed)

Rock Politics: Whether the artists liked it or not, these songs have gotten their due during the 2012 primaries. (Swampland)

Rough Drafts: These architectural models made by industry icons look cool enough to go in an art museum. (Flavorwire)

Turn the Page: Your favorite books you read as a child contain have some fascinating back stories. (Mental Floss)

Child Abuse: A doctor couple was arrested in Delhi for locking up their teenage maid. (Divanee)

Fancy Frocks: The British royal family went to Easter services last weekend, and oh boy, were there fantastic hats. (Go Fug Yourself)

Upward Dog: This dog can jump rope, double-dutch style. Happy Friday! (Gawker)